Affiliate Disclosure

This policy is valid from 04 August 2019 and was last updated on 16 May 2021

This website is a personal website written and edited by a small group of independent individuals, in our own time (we all have other ‘normal’ jobs).
Most of the reviews and articles we write contain affiliate links to specific products placed within the reviews and articles, to merchants such as Amazon.

For this reason, all of our articles contain a disclosure in the sidebar, which reads: “Articles on Wrones often contain one or more affiliate links to merchants such as Amazon. As an Amazon Associate we earn commissions from qualifying purchases. That means when you make a purchase after clicking an affiliate link, we receive a small commission. This does not affect the price of the product you purchase. You can read our full affiliate disclosure by clicking here”. A link to this full disclosure is also provided in the sidebar disclosures.

An affiliate link is one where if you click on it and then make a purchase, we may be paid a small commission (though not always). This affiliate relationship does not affect the price of your purchase. We only use affiliate links when we believe (based on extensive research and/or personal experience) that a product or service may be valuable to you, and ultimately help you become healthier and happier. However, you still need to make your own determination about the value and reliability of any product or service linked to from this website.

Occasionally, we may link to a product for informational purposes. At those times we will make it clear from the context of the link whether or not we’re actually recommending the product.

We’re not compelled in any way, by any person or organization, to place certain links to certain products, nor do we ever receive or accept compensation for providing a favorable review or purchasing recommendation of a product or service. In some instances, manufacturers or retailers of certain products may send us those products to review. This in no way obliges us to provide a favorable review of the product. We always provide our honest opinion of the products we have been gifted for testing. If we do not believe them to be any good, we will not recommend them.

The products and services that we link to are chosen by us, at our own discretion, and we will only be paid should you make a purchase from one of the merchants with whom we have an affiliate relationship, as a result of clicking an affiliate link.

If you wish to purchase a product after clicking on a link, but would prefer that we not receive a commission, you can disable this commission by clearing your browser cache of any merchant cookies, or by simply clearing all cookies.

*Remember that clearing all cookies may sometimes sign you out of membership sites. It is usually possible, however, to clear cookies received only from the last hour, or last several hours.

Any purchases you make, of course, are at your own discretion, and you should compare and research to make sure you get the product that is best for you.

We have no direct financial relationship, as employee or consultant, with any company or entity whose products or services we may link to.

All the best,

The Wrones team