Can You Shower With A G-Shock?

We all love our gadgets, right? From smartphones to tablets, laptops to smart watches, there’s always something new coming out. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the fact that we still need to take showers.

So what happens when you shower with your G-Shock watch? Well, you might want to find out!

But before you think of taking a bath with your G-shock timepiece, let me explain why this question even exists.

Is It safe to shower with your G-Shock watch?

Taking a shower with your G-Shock watch is fine. G-Shock watches have a watertight seal that will not allow water to penetrate the inner chamber of the watch. 

However, I do not recommend exposing your watch for prolonged periods to water, as it could damage it.

If you intend showering with your watch, ensure it is water-resistant to at least 100 meters. Occasionally, water pressure from a shower or bath can damage watches designed for less water resistance.

Are G shock watches waterproof or water-resistant?

When discussing items like watches and electronics, people often refer to them as “waterproof.”. However, what people really want to know is whether they can shower with it, swim with it, or drop it in a pool.

The term waterproof refers to something that is completely impervious to water. Water resistance, on the contrary, means that the material can resist water penetration to a certain extent.

G-Shocks are water-resistant to a certain extent. Some G-Shocks, for example, have a water resistance label of 200 meters. Here, the watch would be at risk of damage if you dived deeper than 200 meters. The watch is by no means waterproof. 

So technically, G-Shock watches are water-resistant, not waterproof!

The dangers of showering with a G Shock watch.

1. Cleaning products can damage the watch seal.

Using soap, shampoo, or other cleaners while showering can damage the watch seal.

After showering with your G-Shock watch, rinse it thoroughly with water. Rinsing with tap water removes any excess soap that might damage the seal and rubber strap of the watch.

While leather straps have a better chance of holding up to water activities, rubber or silicone straps tend to break when in constant contact with water.

2. Water resistance feature diminishes.

You might wear out the gasket on your favorite Casio watch after using it for a year or two.

Normal wear and tear is caused by temperature, air humidity, and the other aggressions life throws at your Casio G-Shock.

The wear and tear of the water seals will result in some loss of water resistance. This rating may not match the one listed on the watch.

As a result, wearing your watch in the shower might cause condensation on the watch dial. It would be a smart idea to keep your old G-Shocks out of the shower.

3. Mineral or scum build-up

You might get mineral or scum buildup if you shower with your watch on a few times.

Soap scum forms when fatty acids in your soap combine with minerals in water, such as calcium and magnesium. This results in white, scum-like deposits that are insoluble in water, and are very difficult to remove.

Soak the watch in alcohol to get rid of the scum. 

If soap scum is stubborn, you can use vinegar and baking soda as an alternative. Mix baking soda and vinegar together. Allow the paste to sit on the stain for a few minutes, then scrub. The vinegar’s acidity will help dissolve the scum.

How To Clean Your G-Shock Watch After Showering?

how to clean g-shock watches

Rinse it in warm water

All G-Shocks are water-resistant, so cleaning them after a bath is easier. Use clean warm water to rinse the watch. This gets rid of any soap residue left on the watch.

Wipe the watch with a damp cloth

Use a damp piece of cloth to rub the watch with. By rubbing, you will remove any build-up of dirt on the dial. When cleaning the watch, do not use abrasive materials as they may cause scratches. In case the buildup on the watch is resistant to water, use rubbing alcohol or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. These liquids dissolve dirt faster.

Dry the watch with a soft cloth

After rinsing under cold water, use a piece of soft cloth to dry the entire watch. 

Allow the watch to dry

Drying the timepiece by air is the most effective method. Allow it to dry in a ventilated space. When it’s dry, it’s time to wear it again.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shower with a 100m water resistant watch?

Yes, you can shower with a 100m water-resistant watch if it has a screw-down crown. While you’re in the water, you should be careful not to open, wind, or operate the crown. Doing so could lead to water getting into the watch and damaging it.

Can you push G-Shock buttons underwater?

Whether you’re using your G-Shock in deep or shallow water, it’s not a good idea to push the buttons underwater. The G-Shock Frogman is the one exception. Other people have reported success with their G-Shocks after using them underwater, but I won’t risk it.