Best Fitness Trackers for Weightlifting in 2022

Young Athlete Man Wearing Fitness Tracker Holding Kettle Bell In The Gym

The wearable technology market is fast expanding. Today, fitness devices are our number one companion when it comes to tracking our workouts. While there are various activity devices to track your runs and swims, its a daunting task picking a tracker for weightlifting, in this article, we review the best fitness trackers for weightlifting to … Read more

6 Best Fitness Trackers For Cycling In 2022

a cyclist staring at his fitness tracker

Cycling is such a big activity in some countries. In 2018 alone, Netherland had more bicycles than people. Tracking your rides is a crucial part of cycling. It helps you set and achieve your cycling goals. The best fitness trackers for cycling can help you with your cycling goals if you have one. In this … Read more