G-Shock Watches: 4 Reasons Why Some Are So Expensive

G-Shocks are watches that are built to withstand extreme conditions. They’re rugged, reliable, and durable. But some also cost a lot of money.

There are many reasons some G-Shock models are so expensive. But even though these G-Shocks are pricey, they’re worth every penny. G Shocks are the most popular watch among military personnel. And they’re also the only watches that can withstand a truck driving over them.

I have put together a list of 4 reasons Casio G-Shocks are so expensive. This way, you’ll understand why these watches are so valuable.

Are G Shocks Expensive?

This question solely depends on what edition of G-Shock you’re after. G shock is a reliable watch. The G-Shock series is, however, not very expensive when compared to other quality watches. Casio G-Shock models are available at a variety of price points, from the most affordable to the most expensive.  

Below the $200 range.

A typical Casio G-Shock starts at around $50. For example, the classic G-Shock DW5600E starts at around $50. The timepiece is both shock resistant and waterproof up to 200 meters. For a little more than $100, you could get the solar-powered Casio G-Shock GWM5610.  

Casio G-Shock watches with square dials fall into this price range and they come with basic G-Shock features (durability, shock resistance, and excellent design).

In the $300 to $800 range.

In this price range, you’d find the Mudmaster and Rangeman G-shocks.

At a price like this, you will also see other major features added to the G-Shock besides its shock resistance. At this price range, you’re likely to find features like dual display, quad sensor capabilities (compass, barometer, thermometer, and accelerometer), and mud resistance.

As part of its move away from the traditional silicone band, Casio is also using high-quality material for its strap, such as carbon fiber. 

Above the $800 range.

Here’s where things get interesting. Some G-Shocks can cost you more than $1000. Most G-Shock Frogman and the G-Shock MRGs fall into this category. 

Each year at BaselWorld Watch Fair, Casio releases a limited edition of its top G-Shock, the MRG. Many of these watches would cost several thousand dollars. For instance, the MRG-G2000GA in 2019 had a list price of $7400.

While you can get a G-Shock in the $100 mark, picking one above and beyond the $1000 mark is also possible. So what’s the difference? Why are some G-Shocks so expensive?

4 Reasons Some G-Shocks Are So Expensive?

A G-Shock watch is one of the most popular watches out there. However, some are also very expensive. But what makes them so expensive? Here are four reasons explained.

1. High Demand

G-Shocks are popular among collectors because they are tough, durable, and affordable. The G-Shock Frogman, for instance, is one of those models that are more valuable for watch collectors.

Watch collectors love them for a few reasons. First, it is the only G Shock currently on the market that meets ISO 6425 certification (thus, considered a Diver’s 200m). Second, you can operate the buttons underwater, all the way to the stated depth, without fear of water intrusion.

Current Frogmans (the GWF-D1000 triple sensor and the GWF-A1000) use sapphire crystals and other premium materials. 

Because of the popularity of this model, its prices have rocketed.

2. Unique Features

Each G-Shock model has its unique features that set it apart from others. Some of these include shock resistance, ruggedness, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. 

Casio includes GPS and solar charging in most of its expensive and high-end G-shocks. Because of the uniqueness of their features, these G-Shocks are also more expensive. They are luxury items reserved for the affluent.

3. Special Materials

Some of the most expensive G-Shocks are made from special materials like titanium, stainless steel, and carbon fiber. Their MRG models are a perfect example.

Titanium is an excellent choice because it’s lightweight and classy, but it also scratches easily. As a solution to this issue, Casio uses DLC hardening on the titanium. The DLC hardening on the MRGs is very advanced. They also use anti-reflective sapphire crystal for their dials.

These materials increase the cost of production, so titanium watches with hardening will cost more.

4. Limited Edition Models

Limited edition models are also available. Casio limits these models in production.

Casio, for example, only produces certain limited-edition models like the MRGs once a year. Such models are usually very expensive and rare.

There are only a few places to buy the limited edition model if you want one. Go to their specialty store for some of the recent MRGs or you can find a few on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is G-Shock so popular?

G-Shock watches were first introduced in 1983 by Casio. The company’s head of watch design engineer Kikuo Ibe wanted to create a watch that could withstand extreme conditions, such as high altitudes, deep water diving, and other extreme environments. He also wanted to create a watch for the military and police officers. 

Today G-Shocks deliver on that dream. They are almost indestructible when compared with other watches. Not only that, but they’re also affordable timepieces. For these reasons, G-Shocks have gained popularity so much that on August 31st, 2017, Casio celebrated its 100 millionth sale of G-Shocks worldwide.

Which is the most expensive G-Shock?

Announced in 2019, the Casio G-D5000-9JR is the most expensive G-Shock to date. It’s an 18-karat solid Gold G-Shock with a square case design.

The watch comes with a screw-lock case back, water-resistance of 200 meters, and it’s Tough Solar powered with a multi-band 6 radio wave timekeeping. You can explore the full watch specs from this Japanese press release here

Casio sells them at a hefty list price of $69,500 without taxes. Only 35 units of this timepiece are available for sale worldwide in five selected, including Japan.

Final Thoughts

G-Shocks are among the most iconic watches ever made. They’re known for their durability, toughness, and affordability. However, despite being affordable, some cost thousands of dollars. These high prices result from the demand for these watches, their major features, the materials used, and their limited edition status.

Fortunately, there is a G-Shock for every budget, so you don’t have to beat yourself up if you can afford the expensive ones.